星图平台官网[六级词汇] CET6淘金词汇第一课 lesson1
                         Lesson 1 (沪江英语CET)

星图注册官网《Q3249-1383 》alert n.警戒(状态), 戒备(状态);报警
alert a.警觉的,留神的,注意的 vt.向报警,使警惕; 使认识到
Sirens sounded the alert for an air raid. ;空袭报警的警笛响起来.
Nuclear-armed bombers were put on the alert during the crisis. ;核武装轰炸机在危机期间 进入高度警备状态.

arbitrary a.随意的,任意的; 专断的,武断的,专制的
The diet imposes overall calorie limits,but daily menus are arbitrary. ;食谱规定了总的热量限 制,但每天的菜单可据喜 好自定.

behalf n.利益,方面
Mother Teresa’s efforts on behalf of Calutta’s poor ;德兰修女为加尔各答 穷人所做的一切努力
eventually brought her the Nobel Peace Prize. ;最终为她赢得了诺贝尔和 平奖.

bulk n.大小,体积; 主体,绝大部分;大量 vt.显得大,显得重要
The great bulk of necessary work can never be anything but painful. ;大量必须做的工作真令人 痛苦.
Safety considerations bulked large during the development of the new spacecraft. ;在建造新的宇宙飞船时, 安全考虑占了很大比重.

chip n.炸土豆条(或片); 集成电路片,集成块; 缺口,瑕疵
chip v.削(或凿)下(屑片或 碎片)n.屑片,碎片
“Fish and chips”is a typical English food. ;“炸鱼土豆条”是典型的 英国食品.
The paint has chipped off where the table touches the wall. ;桌子接触墙壁的地方漆皮 已剥落.

collapse vi/n.倒塌,塌下; 崩溃,突然失败
The enterprose collapsed through lack of support. ;该企业因无力支持而 倒闭.

competition n.竞争,竞赛
Because there is so much unemployment,the competition for jobs is very fierce. ;由于失业人员众多,求职 的竞争十分激烈.
Five candidate cities including Beijing ;共有包括北京在内的五个 城市
participated in the competition to host the 28th Olympic Games. ;参加了争夺第28届奥 运会主办权的角逐.

decline n.下降,减少,衰退
The arts of China have not declined in spit of the Western influence. ;虽有西方影响,中国的艺 术并未因此而衰落.
The price of mobile telephones has declined sharply. ;手机的价格下降得非常 厉害.
The United Kingdom is now no more than an empire that has declined. ;大英帝国如今只是一个业 已衰落的帝国.

develop vi.生长,发育,形成; 发展,扩展
A good teacher is surely an instructor ;一个好老师一定
develop vt.发展,开发;制定, 研制,成长;逐步产生, 发挥
who can develop the capabilities of each student. ;是一个能激发每个学生 潜能的导师.
Juliet Wu’s ambition ;吴士宏的抱负
is to develop a national corporation into a worldwide business. ;是要把一个国内企业扩 展成世界性的企业.

elaborate a.精心计划的,详尽的; 复杂的 vt.详述,详细制订 vi.详述
I just want the facts in brief;you don’t need to elaborate. ;我只想简单了解事实, 你不必作详细说明.
I don’t want elaborate lace pattern on my dress,just make it simple. ;我不想裙子上有复杂精美 的花边图案,简简单单 就行.

excite vt.使兴奋,使激动; 引起,激起
Strong coffee excites your nerves. ;浓咖啡刺激神经, 使人兴奋.
Emperor Qinshihuang’s cruelty excited a rising of the people. ;秦始皇的残暴引起了人民 的反抗.

fatal a.致命的,灾难性的, 毁灭性的;重大的, 决定性的
The city of Tangshan has such a new look that it hardly reminds ;唐山市如今面貌一新, 几乎让人想不起
people of the fatal earthquake that eccured over 30 years ago. ;30多年前的毁灭性的 地震.

formal a.正规的,正式的, 合礼仪的;形式上的, 表面的
Business letters are usually formal, ;商业信件通常都是讲究格 式的,
but we write in a informal way to family members or friends. ;但我们给家人或朋友写 信就比较随便了.

gaze v./n.凝视,注视
In those boring letures,many students just sat gazing into the classroom window. ;在那些沉闷的课堂教学 中,许多学生知识呆呆地 望着窗外.

guard vt.守卫,捍卫 vi.(against)防止, 防范
guard n.警戒,警备;警卫员, 看守,卫兵
Be on your guard against pickpockets. ;谨防扒手.
Tooth paste with fluorine can effectively guard against tooth decay. ;含氟牙膏能有效防止 蛀牙.

hostile a.敌对的,敌意的,不友 善的;敌方的
It was very strange ;很奇怪,
how hostile she was to all the beautiful girls approaching her husband. ;她对所有接近丈夫的漂亮 女孩都心存敌意.

indentical a.相同的,同等的; 同一的
My opinion are not always identical with my parents’s. ;我的意见并不总是和父母 的意见相同.
All eggs look similar, but no two eggs are identical, ;所有鸡蛋看上去相似, 但没有两只鸡蛋是完全 相同的
Leonardo da Vinci’s teacher once said to him. ;达芬奇的老师曾经告诉 他说.

inferior n.下级,下属 a.劣等的,次的;下级的
No inferior products should be allowed to pass. ;决不能让任何次品漏网.
In the past,women were regarded as inferior to men. ;过去,人们认为女人不如 男人.

launch n.发射;(船)下水 (新产品)投产
The first artifical satellite was launched by the former Soviet Union, ;前苏联发射了第一颗人 造卫星,
launch vt.发射;发起(运动) 推出(产品);使开始 从事;使(船)下水
which shocked the United States. ;让美国人大惊失色.

mechanism n.机械装置;机制,机理; 办法,途径
The bones and muscles are parts of the mechanism of the body. ;骨骼和肌肉是人体的组成 机体.
The shell of my watch is transparent and the mechanisms inside can be seen. ;我的手表外壳是透明的, 可以看见里面的机械 装置.

match n.比赛,竞赛;对手,敌手; 匹配,相配的人(或物); 火柴
The prince and princess in the fairy tales ;童话中的王子与公主

match vt.和…相配, 和…相称, vi.相配,相适合
are always perfectly matched(=were always a perfect match). ;永远都是天造地设的 一对.
The White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou can’t be matched for friendliness. ;广州白天鹅宾馆良好的 服务态度是无与伦比的.
These shoes do not match;one is large and the other is small. ;这双鞋不相配,一只大, 一只小.

negative a.否定的; 反面的,消极的; 负的,阴性的
negative n.负数;(照相机的) 负片,底片
He was suspicious of having taken dopes,but his urine test was negative. ;他被怀疑服用了兴奋剂, 但他的尿样检测却是呈阴 性的.
Two negative makes a positive. ;负负得正.

obligation n.义务,责任
To pay taxes is an obligation of every citizen. ;纳税是每一个公民的 义务.

panic n.惊慌,恐慌,慌乱 v.(使)恐慌, (使)惊慌失措
The Asian Financial crisis caused panic selling of securities. ;亚洲金融危机引起了债券 的恐慌抛售.

peer pi ;n.同龄人,同等地位的人; 贵族 vi.仔细看,费力地看
To lessen peer(group) pressure,many schools require their students to wear uniforms. ;为减少来自同龄群体的压 力,许多学校要求学生们 穿校服.
He peered at the comp- uter screen,wondering what his programming mistake was. ;他仔细地看着计算机的显 示屏,想知道他的程序出 了什么错.

press n.报刊,报界,新闻界; 出版社,通讯社; 压,按,挤;印刷机
press v.压,按,挤; 压榨,压迫
In the press conference, ;在新闻发布会上,
the White House spokesman always avoids directly answering questions. ;白宫发言人总是避免直 接回答问题.
Time presses.Let’s press on with our work. ;时间紧迫.我们加紧工作 吧.
Just press this button,and you’ll start the engine. ;只要按一下这个按钮便可 启动这台发动机了.
The problem of fuel presses for solution. ;这个燃料的问题急待 解决.

rarely ad.不常,难得
Big Ben in London has rarely gone wrong. ;在伦敦“大本钟”很少出 差错.
Only rarely do I eat in restaurants. ;我极少到饭馆吃饭.

scandal n.丑事,丑闻;流言蜚语; 反感,愤慨
The former president of the Philipines took tax money for his own use, ;菲律宾前总统贪污税款,
it was such a scandal. ;可谓一大丑闻.

thread n. 线,细丝;线索,思路; 螺纹 vt.穿(针、线等)
You lose the thread of your argument. ;你们的论点有失条理.
You need a needle threader if you can’t see clearly to thread a needle. ;如果看不清楚无法穿线, 你需要一枚穿针器.

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